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Introducing the Writing Track at CreateSouth 2009 (Eugene Mah photo)

Introducing the Writing Track at CreateSouth 2009 (Eugene Mah photo)

Anyone who tells you that blogging is just writing online doesn’t really get nuance. Blogging is an interactive process, and in the modern sense it extends beyond the blog per se and into the amorphous realm known as “social media.”

I started blogging in 2003, and I’ve been the lead writer at the critically acclaimed (and highly eclectic) site Xark since 2005. I’ve run several other blogs over the years, three of which I consider to have been highly successful:

  • Spoletoblog, which grew into the arts festival site Spoleto Today under the direction of my wife, Janet Edens;
  • Lowcountry Blogs, which became the community-run site Lowcountry Bloggers;
  • StormWatch, a test site I configured to combine professional and citizen reporting for live, round-the-clock storm coverage combining blog, website and print coverage during a hurricane emergency. Though used only once (during Tropical Storm Ernesto in 2006), StormWatch was a runaway hit.

For more on blogging and social media, please visit my page about what I do with the Web.

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