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There’s only one semi-reliable way to contact me at the moment, and that’s via email at dan AT danconover DOT com. I get spam there like everyone gets spam these days, so if you want to stand out, please include the word “BOOKS” in the subject line. I’ve set up a filter to make sure I catch those.

I went from enthusiastic 2006 social media early adopter to occasionally grouchy 2016 social media cynic in rather dramatic fashion. You can still follow me on Twitter via @xarker, for all the good it will do you. But who knows? Maybe @xarkgirl will talk me out of retirement someday.

I post quite a bit on Facebook, but that’s largely because I am newspaper columnist by both inclination and habit, and Facebook’s not a bad place to cosplay one. There are several “Dan Conovers” on FB. I’m this one: /danconover.714.