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Dan spent most of his adult life typing newsy words. He started typing fiction-y words again in 2001 after he and his wife, Janet Edens, spent a week at a writers’ workshop. His first science fiction short story, Eula Makes Up Her Mind, won a Phobos Fiction Award the following year, and his stories wound up in four print anthologies.

After wasting the better part of the decade trying to build a better digital future for news, he returned to writing fiction, and most of it is available via Amazon. His published works include the erotic thriller Bokur and the satiric sci-fic romp Another Goddamn Novel About the Collapsing Quantum Multiverse.

In 2021 Dan removed his two fantasy novels (A Madness and its sequel, Siobeth) from the Amazon Kindle Store, created the pen name D.C. McElroy, and launched the slipstream epic-fantasy series The Darbas Cycle. The series’ first book, Chene, is also the first book in the series’ first trilogy, The Goddess Daughter. Book Two, Llyr, and Book Three, Gwynyr, are scheduled for publication in Fall 2021. Ta Nupa, the series’ fourth book, will be first in in the Cycle’s second trilogy. The events originally described in A Madness and Siobeth will form the basis for the series’ planned third trilogy.