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The Cosmic 2×4

September 2nd, 2021 · No Comments · Danblog

If you’d have asked me back in January when we’d be launching D.C. McElroy’s The Darbas Cycle with Chene, Book One in The Goddess Daughter Trilogy, I’d have told you with some confidence: March.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve done all year: March. As in marching up and down the square, expending a lot of energy for little progress. But I marched and marched, because marching is just a thing I do, apparently, and by mid-August I had the pieces I needed to finally put together a tidy little launch for my new book.

Which is when things got silly.

Without delving into details, every step I took seemed to break something new. Problems, distractions, obstacles. It finally started to feel personal.

OK, Universe, you’ve got my attention: What have I done to offend you?

The answers to that question aren’t even answers, really. When it comes to getting in the flow and staying there, the issue (for me, at least) is typically my attitude. I like to believe that I can make things happen, but deep down? I know better. We don’t control our lives. At best we maintain some influence over their course. Most of the time.

But as we say, when you’re on the wrong path headed in the wrong direction, the solution isn’t walking more resolutely.

Taking a few days off right before a book launch to straighten out my head is the last thing I wanted to do in late August before a mid-September launch date. But I did it. Because sometimes you have to realize that the Cosmic 2×4 that just smacked you in the head wasn’t a punishment, but a gift.

How do you know when you’re really back in the flow? Beats me.

But I can feel things moving again. And we’ll see.


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